Piñata Smashlings: The OFFICIAL Smashlings Collector’s Guide

Party with the Piñata Smashlings in this totally awesome, full-color, and 100% OFFICIAL collector's handbook, a must-have for every Smashlings fan!

Discover the Piñataverse, home to wise Piñatas, scheming Meañatas, bitter Bashlings and LOTS of adorable, cheeky Smashlings.

Jump aboard the magnificent flying Rainbow Whale as it soars above the Piñataverse, showering every corner of the land with Rainbow Pods. It's here where the adventure really begins as you can discover tons about your favorite Smashlings including who their besties are, their likes and dislikes and important facts about what they get up to in the Piñataverse.

This 100% official collector's guide includes a hidden secret on where to find and tame an exclusive Smashling within Roblox. It's sure to be a SMASHING success with every collector and fan.

About the Author

Piñata Smashlings is a super exciting and collectible brand that debuted on Roblox. This is their first official book in North America!

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