A Handbook for Horrible Houseguests

Can you stay at your ex's place without things getting weird? And how do you properly apologize to your host for tequila-fueled bad behavior? Fear not! Guestiquette has the answers. 

Guestiquette is the first book that takes on the complicated world of being a houseguest, offering useful, irreverent, and hilarious advice for guests and hosts. Not sure how to deal with a Schnauzer that hates you or what to do if a zombie apocalypse breaks out while you're staying at someone's home? Guestiquette has you covered. 

In addition to advice, this book has fun illustrations, charts, lists, and even a recipe, that celebrate the houseguest experience. You'll also find true first-person stories from hosts and houseguests who were brave enough to share their often cringe-inducing tales, including vivid recounts of a honeymoon spent in the wrong house and a Thanksgiving dinner that would have given Martha Stewart nightmares. 

Everyone who has ever been a houseguest or a host has encountered issues they're not exactly sure how to handle. Finally, there's a book for most every situation that offers help for even the most horrible houseguest.

About the Author

Tom Coleman is an Emmy-nominated writer and filmmaker who has worked with MTV, Esquire, and McSweeney's. He is the author of I Actually Wore This: Clothes We Can’t Believe We Bought. Tom has the haircut of a lesser-known nineteenth-century vice president and may very well be staying in your guest room right now.

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