Five Minutes Until Bed

In the tradition of Goodnight Moon, Dorothea DePrisco Wang pens Five Minutes Until Bed, a helpful and charming story that gives parents one more tool to encourage their little ones to catch some shut-eye.

Visit families of rabbits, birds, beavers, bears, and foxes to find that life in the forest, at least when it comes to bedtime, doesn’t differ that much from our own. There are blankets to retrieve, songs to sing, treats to nibble, and hugs and snuggles to enjoy.

With each turn of the page, another critter is off to sleep as the child at home pulls a tab within the book to reveal another gold star in the sky. Bedtime countdown continues until at last there are five golden stars glistening in the night sky and all critters of the forest are soundly snoozing in their cozy beds.

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