Cards of Camelot

A 54-Card Deck and Rulebook

Journey into the days of yore, where knights searched for greatness, magic was ever-present, and destiny was just a moment away. This medieval-themed card deck, full of stunning illustrations detailing the characters of King Arthur and his court, invites players to enjoy two medieval card games and try their hand at Cartomancy, a style of fortune telling. Look to the past to find your future with Cards of Camelot.  

King Arthur has a legacy, stretching across history and literature, as it's interpreted and reinterpreted by new generations of storytellers. Cards of Camelot introduces the stories of King Arthur to people in a way that encourages play through storytelling, luscious illustration, and actual gameplay. Readers will be able to play in the world of Arthur by themselves or in a group, whether they're playing:

  • Karnoffel, the oldest card game history knows,
  • Aluette, a French game introduced to the Round Table by Lancelot, or
  • Cartomancy, the art of fortune-telling with simple playing cards

This box includes 55 beautifully illustrated cards and a 64-page guide book.

With gorgeous illustrations that illuminate the key players in Arthurian legend, plus stories and game instructions narrated by Merlin himself, Cards of Camelot will inspire players to find their fate and have plenty of fun along the way. 

About the Author

Magnolia Porter Siddell is a cartoonist, writer and game developer living in Rhode Island. Her previous work includes the finished YA science fiction comic Monster Pulse, about a group of kids whose body parts turn into superpowered monsters. She also wrote and directed the fantasy romance game Rose of Winter, and has a fantasy graphic novel (drawn by Maddi Gonzalez) due from First Second in 2023. She loves when stories of the fantastic and supernatural end up having something true to say about real people, too.

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