Bright Family

Too Cool For School

The Bright Family is blasting into a new school year, meeting students from all over the galaxy in the 3rd book focusing on family, friendships, and fun!

It’s a brand-new school year, and the Brights are tackling it just like any other family: by hopping into their minivan, taking a portal to a custom-terraformed planetoid, and meeting students from all over the galaxy! But Nia and Jayden are about to learn that there’s more to a universal education than befriending a Glob and mastering mechball. 

This book includes a never-before-seen bonus tale featuring the Brights’ lovable robot nanny, Dusty, and his double from a very different dimension.

About the Author

Gabe Soria is the creator of the Midnight Arcade series (Penguin Workshop) and the co-creator of the comic book MegaGhost. His other works include DC Comics' Batman ’66, Fakespeare in the Park, a tie-in novel for Cartoon Network’sRegular Show (Penguin Workshop), and the best-selling Audible Original Foreverywhere, created with Steve Burns of Blue’s Clues and Steven Drozd of the band the Flaming Lips. He lives in New Orleans, where he’s currently writing an original fantasy adventure trilogy for Penguin Workshop.

Steven Scott is an Eisner Award-winning co-author of the New York Times bestselling graphic memoir They Called Us Enemy and has been writing comics since 2010. Having grown up a military brat, he has lived all over the U.S., spent his youth in Australia, and currently resides in Canada.

Derick Brooks is a cartoonist and illustrator from Newport News, VA. His work is a mixture of adventure and fantasy with a slice of life. He is the illustrator of the book series Bright Family; and the creator of the graphic novel Grip Up, to be published by Iron Circus in 2022. He currently lives in Richmond VA, where he eats copious amounts of potatoes and hangs with his wife and their pets.

Vincent Batignole was born in the south-west of France. Vincent started his professional journey working on Serena Valentino & Ted Naifeh’s comic series "GloomCookie". Now living in Paris, he has since been illustrating and writing for various international clients, while earning a Master’s Degree in cinema history and film analysis. When he’s not drawing, you can find Vincent playing video games, watching scary movies or rummaging through book stores to grow his gigantic collection of manga drawn by CLAMP.

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