Birtle and the (Very) Unwelcome Garry

Vol 2.

Tootie the turtle and Teeny the bird leave Turtletown to visit the beach in this adorable graphic novel for early readers that's all about friendship.

Tootie and Teeny are going on a trip to the beach! It's going to be a Birtle BFF Beach Bonanza. But when they get to the beach, a gull named Garry interrupts their plans.

Teeny is excited to meet another bird.
Tootie is . . . not.

Will these BFFs stay BFFs, or is this BFF Beach Bonanza doomed?

This adorable graphic novel is about making new friends, dealing with jealousy, and being open-minded. It features a Dyslexia-friendly font. 

"Not only are Tootie and Teeny some of the sweetest characters ever, but their friendship should serve as a blueprint for all friendships. With my whole heart, I wish for all of us to have a friend like these two, who will love, respect, and accept us for everything that we are, and all that we wish to be, flying turtle or otherwise. This whole book feels like a hug, a reassuring warm blanket of love that reminds us of the importance and of the magic that happens when our hearts and minds are open, and of the beautiful fact that we are all more alike than we are different." – Leila Boukarim, author of Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus

About the Author

Tara J. Hannon lives in a house on a hill near the Chesapeake Bay. She writes and illustrates from her home studio, alongside her husband, two daughters, and one overly excited dog. When not creating, she can be found enjoying the bay with her family, jogging at a slow and friendly pace, or drinking coffee.

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