Are We Lost Yet?

Another Wallace the Brave Collection

Get ready to meet new friends in Book 4 of the beautifully illustrated escapades of Wallace the Brave. Readers will be delighted with tales of friendship, discovery, and adventure.

School is out for the year, and young Wallace has flung his shoes into Snug Harbor, signaling the official start of summer and kicking off a new series of childhood adventures, pranks, and discoveries. Joining Wallace are friends Spud, Amelia, and newcomer Rose. Together they prowl the forests, coves, and streets of their charming coastal town, mounting a daring rescue of Spud after a confused animal control worker mistakes him for a stinky raccoon, and trying in vain to stop Amelia from launching a pumpkin off the school roof. Will Henry’s dazzling illustrations and imaginative storytelling in Wallace The Brave have earned comparisons to Calvin and Hobbes, and Are We Lost Yet? is sure to delight young readers and comic fans everywhere.

About the Author

Will Henry is the creator behind Wallace the Brave, which earned the National Cartoonist Society's Newspaper Comic Strip of the Year award in only its second full year of syndication. Will draws his inspiration from everyday life, and in the age of the smartphone, he aims to re-create a world in which kids still collect bugs and fly kites and eat ice cream cones upside-down. He lives in Jamestown, Rhode Island, with his wife, two children, his cat, and his mistress, the sea.

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