A Haunted Road Atlas: Next Stop

More Chilling and Gruesome Tales From And That's Why We Drink

Grab your beverage of choice, we’re going back on the road! Bringing you A Haunted Road Atlas: Next Stop, from the New York Times Bestselling authors of true crime/supernatural podcast And That’s Why We Drink!

From the truest crimes to the spookiest supernaturals, this guide will have even more illustrated stories, beverage pit stops, and ice cream recommendations. A Haunted Road Atlas: Next Stop will explore all the places Christine and Em didn’t get to include in the first book, focusing on 30 new cities they’ve fallen in love with on their travels … and the scariest places that left them shaking in their boots.

About the Author

Christine Schiefer (she/her) and Em Schulz (they/them) are the hosts of paranormal and true crime podcast And That’s Why We Drink. Every Sunday, they dig into a new set of spooky ghost stories and true crime tales. After all, they’re just here for the boos! With over 184 million lifetime downloads, And That’s Why We Drink is consistently featured in the top 20 on the comedy podcast charts, and winner of the 2019 and 2021 “People’s Voice” Webby Award for Best Comedy Podcast. 

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