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Poetry of r.h. Sin 2020 Deluxe Day-to-Day Calendar
Poetry of r.h. Sin 2020 Deluxe Day-to-Day Calendar, The poetry of New York Times best-selling author r.h. Sin celebrates connection, mourns heartbreak, and above all, rouses readers to seek the love they deserve. The Poetry of r.h. Sin 2020 Deluxe Day-to-Day Calendar presents some of his most powerful poems of resilience and strength that will resonate with the soul. Each page of this deluxe daily calendar, with its distinctive cloth-bound wraparound cover that forms an easel, features
Born to Love, Cursed to Feel
Born to Love, Cursed to Feel, For fans of r.h. Sin comes a new voice, Samantha King’s raw, relatable poetry both celebrates love and mourns the human “curse to feel.” Her verse transports readers to the most private reaches of love and longing. Born to Love, Cursed to Feel is about love—the good, defines them., 9781449480950, (Collection), tyler knott gregson, rupi kaur, rumi, Robert Drake, r.h. Sin, Mary Oliver, lang leav, kahlil gibran, Instagram poetry, homer, Beowulf, Halle Berry, ,
Algedonic, Bestselling poet r.h. Sin, author of the Whiskey, Words, & a Shovel series, presents a poetry collection that illuminates the transformative power of emotional pain.Algedonic is an aesthetic outlook on pain and pleasure. Complex emotions simplified into poetic interludes as only r.h. Sin can express. With his trademark of giving simplicity to some of the hardest of emotions, Sin reminds us all that there are often two sides to an emotional story and sometimes the pain transforms
A Beautiful Composition of Broken
A Beautiful Composition of Broken, r.h. Sin, bestselling author of the Whiskey, Words & a Shovel series, returns with a collection of poetry and prose meant to remind the wounded that they are, in fact, beautiful in a way society may never comprehend.A Beautiful Composition of Broken is inspired by some of the events expressed artistically by Samantha King in the bestseller Born to Love, Cursed, volume yet, A Beautiful Composition of Broken builds a conceptual bridge between r.h. Sin’s earliest
Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately
, r.h. Sin, milk and honey, lang leav, Instapoet, Instagram poetry, heroin crisis, Family, drugs, Diary
Vertigo: Of Love & Letting Go
, rupi kaur, r.h. Sin, mindfulness, milk and honey, lang leav, instrospection, Instapoet, Instagram
Worlds of You
Worlds of You, Another gorgeous collection of poetry and prose from Australian poet and social media sensation Beau Taplin.Beautiful, inspiring, and empowering, Worlds of You sweeps readers away on a journey of emotion. Filled with lyric wisdom, Taplin’s second book expands on the themes introduced in Bloom, offering insight and comfort. , 9781449495497, (Collection), tyler knott gregson, rupi kaur, Robert Drake, renewal, r.h. Sin, love poetry, love poems, lang leav, instapoetry, Instapoet
I Wrote This for You and Only You
, heartbreak, loss, grief, inspirational, Instagram, contemporary poetry, South Africa, lang leav, r.h. Sin, Iain Thomas, ,
Whiskey Words & a Shovel III
Whiskey Words & a Shovel III, Bestselling poet r.h. Sin completes the trilogy with Whiskey Words & a Shovel III.  His raw voice delivers gritty, impassioned truths on matters of loving, living, and leaving in this final book in the series.r.h. Sin’s final volume in the Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel series expands on the passion and vigor of his first two installments. His stanzas inspire strength through the raw, emotional energy and the vulnerability of his poems. Relationships, love, pain
Whiskey Words & a Shovel 2019 Deluxe Day-to-Day Calendar
Whiskey Words & a Shovel 2019 Deluxe Day-to-Day Calendar, Relationships, love, pain, and fortitude are powerfully rendered in r.h. Sin's poetry, and the Whiskey Words & a Shovel 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar presents his powerful message of perseverance that cuts to the heart of modern-day life.Each page of this daily calendar features a poem specially selected by the author from his best-selling Whiskey Words & a Shovel series of books. And its cloth-covered wraparound binding and easel gives

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