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The Religion War
.  With publication of The Religion War, millions of long-time fans of Scott Adams' Dilbert cartoons and business bestsellers will have to admit that the literary world is a better place with Adams on the loose, The Religion War,   In this frenetically paced sequel to Adams' best-selling "thought experiment," God's Debris, the smartest man in the world is on a mission to stop a cataclysmic war between, be in the near future are clear.  According to Adams, The Religion War targets "bright readers with short
Dilbert - A Treasury Of Sunday Strips: Version 00
Dilbert - A Treasury Of Sunday Strips: Version 00, Everyone who's in business, works for a business, or even just gives others the business is amazed: Scott Adams never lacks for yet another way to lampoon the corporate world. It's not that Adams is anti-business. He's more anti-bad boss than, Dilbert was first syndicated in 1989, Adams has built a following that would be the envy of any, Sunday comics. Here's even more of the great Adams's irony, sarcasm, and satire that so many have
Dilbert Sudoku Comic Digest
fans, Scott Adams's Dilbert is synonymous with their own cubicle-confined corporate life existence
When Body Language Goes Bad
that to slow down the inventive wit of Scott Adams, who clearly is never at a loss for finding hysterical things to mock in corporate life.This marks the 21st collection of Adams' wildly popular comic strip, characters, this collection showcases Adams' masterful ability to create hilarious "guest stars, platforms."Adams says that about 80 percent of his initial ideas come from his 150 million-plus readers
Don't Step in the Leadership
, software, neckties, and even underwear." —Playboy magazine  Does Dilbert creator Scott Adams have a hidden, stupidity of people Adams calls 'in-duh-viduals,' are favorite targets in the strip, which appears, for the camera. Dilbert has become a hugely successful strip because Adams feels your pain. How? Because, are based not only on Adams' own corporate experiences, but on the more than 300 e-mails he receives each
Words You Don't Want to Hear During Your Annual Performance Review
collection of Scott Adams' stupendously popular comic strip, Dilbert! Words You Don't Want to Hear, by his beleaguered coworkers. All the while, Adams takes his patented over-the-top but right
God's Debris
God's Debris, Explore the mysteries and magic of the cosmos with the acclaimed creator of Dilbert. God's Debris is the first non-Dilbert, non-humor book by best-selling author Scott Adams. Adams describes God's Debris as a thought experiment wrapped in a story. It's designed to make your brain spin around inside your skull. Imagine that  you meet a very old man who—you eventually realize—knows literally everything. Imagine that he explains for you the great mysteries of life: quantum physics
Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify
Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify, The latest collection from best-selling cartoonist Scott Adams that touches on the subject of underperforming and sneaky co-workers. Inside Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify, Adams tackles the subjects of Elbonian slave labor, faulty product recalls, less-than-anonymous employee surveys, and more.If you've ever looked among your co-workers and thought, "I hope feral cats eat every one of you," or briefly celebrated
Another Day in Cubicle Paradise
Another Day in Cubicle Paradise, When Dilbert first appeared in newspapers across the country in 1989, office workers looked around suspiciously. Was its creator, Scott Adams, a pen name for someone who worked amongst them? After all, the humor was just too eerily funny and familiar. Since then, Dilbert has become more than a cartoon character. He's become an office icon. In Another Day in Cubicle Paradise Dilbert and his cohorts, Dogbert, Catbert, Ratbert, and the pointy-haired boss, once
Excuse Me While I Wag
, on occasion, caused them to pull out large clumps of their hair. Scott Adams' dead-on humor in Excuse

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