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The Scourge of Vinyl Car Seats
A Close to Home Collection
by John McPherson
Age Range: 12 and Up
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 8.000 x 8.000
ISBN: 9780740718458
Publication Date: 9/26/2001
Pages: 144

E-Book $4.99

No one walks away from a Close to Home cartoon unscathed. John McPherson's lumpy characters and bizarre situations are tailor-made for gut-splitting laughs. And then there are the cartoons that leave readers shaking their heads, sputtering, "Oh my gosh" as a guilty smile passes across their faces. The Scourge of Vinyl Car Seats delivers what fans expect from McPherson: jokes about everything from parenting to dating to car repairs. McPherson takes his readers on a journey that's very Close to Home.

Author Bio

John McPherson hails from Painted Post, New York. He holds mechanical engineering and English degrees from Bucknell University and began drawing Close to Home in 1992. He currently resides in upstate New York with his two sons.

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