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The Cat Lady's Creative Journal
favorite quote about felines.Charmingly illustrated with the whimsical art of Yasmine Surovec, The Cat, , (Collection), Yasmine Surovec, webcomic, journal, Illustration, How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill
Life Lessons from Catsass
  , 9781449485283, (Collection), Cat versus Human, Yasmine Surovec, Breaking Cat News, Georgia Dunn, Business Cat, , Cat versus Human, Georgia Dunn, Jeffrey Brown, Pusheen the Cat, tom fonder, Yasmine Surovec, ,
Poems about Cats
Poems about Cats,  Cats have long been an inspiration to artists and poets. In this heartwarming collection, artist Yasmine Surovec of presents an illustrated anthology of literary adulation and poetic tributes to the always-alluring, ever-beloved cat.From Shakespeare to Blake to Rosetti to Wordsworth to classic nursery rhymes, cats have been celebrated in poetry for as long, of Yasmine Surovec., 9781449457938, (Collection), ,
Cat vs Human Fairy Tails
Cat vs Human Fairy Tails, Cat Versus Human: Fairy Tails is a collection of fairy tales for cat lovers as interpreted through the whimsical comics of Cat Versus Human.  In this collection from popular Web comic Yasmine Surovec, fabled characters and fairy princesses are replaced with cat ladies and gents ... and cats.  Rapunzel’s prince comes to rescue…his cats. Sleeping Beauty’s true love’s, on classic stories while continuing Yasmine’s brilliant comedic take on cats and their owners
Catty Thoughts from Catsass 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar
Catty Thoughts from Catsass 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar, The star of the Catsass 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar is every cat stereotype rolled into one self-centered, opinionated, intrusive, judgmental, and hilarious package.The mischievous feline pops up on every colorful page, spreading its criticisms and kitty philosophies throughout 2020 and winning over cat lovers despite its catty behavior., 9781524850890, (Collection), Yasmine Surovec, tom fonder, Ten Cats, pusheen, Life Lessons from Catsass
CAT vs. HUMAN 2019 Wall Calendar
CAT vs. HUMAN 2019 Wall Calendar, Cartoonist Yasmine Surovec hilariously captures all the moods, mirth, and madness of living with a cat (or two, or three, or four) in her perennially popular Cat vs. Human comic.Cute or crafty? Sweet or sly? Cuddly or cold?  Cat people everywhere know the answer to these questions about their beloved pets is "all the above." Featuring the best strips and truest observations about cat-human relationships, the all-new CAT vs. HUMAN 2019 Wall Calendar​ ponders
Cat vs Human: Another Dose of Catnip
dresses to creating, well, inventive cuddle positions for sleepy time, Yasmine Surovec is all too, collection of Cat vs Human comics, Surovec dives further into the intricacies of cat ownership. Perhaps

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