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Mark Tatulli at NCIBA
Mark Tatulli at NCIBA, Mark Tatulli had a great time in the Bay Area visiting local schools and attending the NCIBA trade show. A wonderful (if long) 13-hour, 160-mile day—Mark's gotta be the hardest workin' man in the book business this week. Hundreds of great kids at the Village and Glider schools with some great questions for Mark! Principal Harris – an awesome guy, , for hosting Mark at your booth! Mark signed a T-shirt for Sharon Levin from Books Inc-Palo Alto
Desmond author, Mark Tatulli is on the move in October!!
Desmond author, Mark Tatulli is on the move in October!, Author Mark Tatulli is hitting the road in October—visiting schools, libraries, and bookstores all across the country—to meet fans, sign books, and spread some monster magic. Click here for his tour schedule, and check back often for updates!, , (Collection), , (Collection)
Let the monster magic begin!!
Let the monster magic begin!, Desmond Pucket is now officially available wherever books are sold! Want a copy autographed by Mark Tatulli himself? Check out for a chance to win, , , (Collection), , (Collection)
Tour update
Tour update, Mark Tatulli's at schools in the Bay Area today, introducing kids to Desmond Pucket and showing them how they can make a little monster magic of their own. Tomorrow he's headed to Phoenix, with many more stops to come, so be sure to check back!, , (Collection), , (Collection)
Reheated Lio
Reheated Lio, Emmy award-winning artist Mark Tatulli’s comic strip, Lio, is dark, twisted, visually stunning and totally irresistible.Distinguished by Variety as "a fast riser," Mark Tatulli's morbidly mirthful comic strip Lio proves that happiness is indeed a modified Snuggie for you and your favorite eight-armed cephalopod. Reheated Lio, the fourth Lio cartoon collection, includes 40 weeks of color Sunday strips as well as black-and-white daily strips. Drawn in the style of cartooning
Zombies Need Love Too
Zombies Need Love Too, "... Mark Tatulli's Lio isn't just a charmingly macabre strip about a creepy little boy who dabbles in the occult; it's also a daily demonstration of how a skilled artist can express sometimes complicated comedic ideas without any dialogue. . . ."— A.V. Club, The OnionLio is a small boy with a penchant for befriending squids, monsters, and aliens. He's a curious scientist, a comic-book fan, defender of the defenseless, and creator of an army of zombie bunnies. All
Lio: There's a Monster in My Socks
Lio: There's a Monster in My Socks, For the first time, the creepy, crawly, awesome world of Lio in a kid-targeted book.The world of Lio is filled with the extraordinary—monsters under the bed, wild reptile pets, robot inventions, weird science—but it’s all commonplace for this most uncommon young man. Mark Tatulli renders this pantomime strip in pen-and-ink style, giving the artwork a dark, spidery feel to match the strip’s dark humor. Lio explores the twisted realm of a kid’s
There's Corpses Everywhere
There's Corpses Everywhere, Emmy award-winning animator and producer Mark Tatulli’s comic strip Lió is dark, twisted, visually stunning and totally irresistible. Lió is a curios scientist, a comic, saying a word.Through the age-old style of pantomime strips, Tatulli's Lio offers a decidedly new, greats Gahan Wilson, Charles Addams, and 19th-century satirist A. J. Volck, Tatulli's cartoon creation, Strip by the National Cartoonists Society.The result of Tatulli's creativity is a mind-bending
captions. Mark Tatulli's cartoon also employs a unique drawing style influenced by cartooning greats Gahan Wilson, Charles Addams, and 19th-century satirist A. J. Volck.* In describing his strip, Tatulli
The 2013 Desmond Pucket blog tour has commenced!!
The 2013 Desmond Pucket blog tour has commenced!, This week and next, some of the coolest blogs on the interweb will be dedicating their corners of the blogosphere to Desmond Pucket! Check each stop (listed below) to find exclusive content, including a Q&A with author Mark Tatulli, a behind-the-scenes with editor Andrea Colvin, a sneak peek at the second book in the series, Desmond Pucket and the Mountain Full of Monsters (coming May 2014)—and much more! Monday, November 11th: Buried

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