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Bedtime Stories for Cats
kitties claimed by doting owners.Now, Leigh Anne Jasheway's Bedtime Stories for Cats gives cat lovers, Cats Gruff" to "Catpunzel." Jasheway has written a purrfectly delightful book guaranteed to make
Bedtime Stories for Dogs
Bedtime Stories for Dogs, Here's a book that will make dog owners sit up and beg for more. It's Leigh Anne Jasheway's Bedtime Stories For Dogs, a hilarious volume for pampered pets and their human parents. From "The Three Little Pugs" to "Snow White and the Seven Chihuahuas," Bedtime Stories entertains everyone who's ever had—or loved—a spoiled canine.The tales in Bedtime Stories for Dogs are written just the way dogs like things—they're short and simple, they have happy endings, they usually

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