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Rat's Wars
for the unattainable. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams says that Pearls is "one of the few comics
Optimism Sounds Exhausting
Optimism Sounds Exhausting, Does Scott Adams really have a hidden camera in your cubicle?Dilbert, the cubicle-dwelling drone, is at his satirical best with this new collection of cartoons. Dilbert has managed to keep up with technology like iPads and Twitter over the years, as well as advanced systems like the Disaster Preparedness Plan that has its followers eating the crumbs from their keyboards. It doesn’t get any more sophisticated than that.   It’s an office code violation
How's That Underling Thing Working Out for You?
How's That Underling Thing Working Out for You?, AMP's Dilbert calendars are the best-selling calendars in the world, with sales over 400,000 every year. Pointless projects, endless meetings, and random downsizing make up the Dilbert world.For more than 20 years, Scott Adams's Dilbert has chronicled the problem-filled work world of pointless projects, questionable employment practices, Working Out for You?, Adams takes on the challenges of Elbonian sensitivity training, employee
Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify
Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify, The latest collection from best-selling cartoonist Scott Adams that touches on the subject of underperforming and sneaky co-workers. Inside Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify, Adams tackles the subjects of Elbonian slave labor, faulty product recalls, less-than-anonymous employee surveys, and more.If you've ever looked among your co-workers and thought, "I hope feral cats eat every one of you," or briefly celebrated
Dilbert Gives You the Business
Dilbert Gives You the Business, Everyone who reads DILBERT and works in an office will appreciate this collection, Dilbert Gives You the Business.Creator Scott Adams tells it like it is through the insane business world inhabited by Dilbert. If frustration and lunacy are an inevitable part of your workday, appropriate measures must be taken immediately. Andrews McMeel has the perfect antidote, he spins, Dilbert creator Scott Adams inserts sufficient nuggets of truth in every strip to keep his
Try Rebooting Yourself
Try Rebooting Yourself, It's an embarrassment of riches. I feel like an undertaker who just heard about a bus accident. It's tragic, but good for business."Maybe, just maybe, the reason Scott Adams is able to so completely and utterly skewer the absurdities of the modern workplace is that deep down he really enjoyed his many years as a cubicle dweller. Perhaps his comic strip Dilbert is nothing more than a cleverly disguised 17-year-long love letter to corporate America. And maybe, just maybe
This Can't Be Legal
was named the winner of the 2004 mtvU Strips Contest, as chosen by judges Scott Adams, creator

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