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to be caught up.Baby Blues transcends the comic page by fusing the award-winning imaginations of Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott with familiar family life. Inside this annotated collection, Kirkman and Scott
Night Shift
Night Shift, * Baby Blues transcends the comics page-expertly illustrating why there are never enough napkins, sippy cups, or items crossed off the to-do list.Inside Night Shift: Baby Blues Scrapbook 23, award-winning creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott effortlessly navigate the nuances of everyday family life within the MacPherson household, where Band-Aids remain in short supply, tattling and teasing lead to time-outs, and every public outing becomes an adventure in patience.* Named
The Day Phonics Kicked In
The Day Phonics Kicked In, Named Best Comic Strip of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society, Baby Blues appears in newspapers and periodicals worldwide.With Zoe and Hammie already in elementary school and Wren crawling quickly toward toddlerhood, a lot of energy in the MacPherson house is directed toward teaching. Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott have scoured their archives for the very best of the Baby Blues school--and education-related strips to include in this retrospective. From sack
Never A Dry Moment
to be the backstop.Never a Dry Moment showcases Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman's uncanny ability to humorously tap
We Were Here First
We Were Here First, Baby Blues is a pitch-perfect and hilarious family-oriented comic strip that typifies modern parenting.We Were Here First, an entertaining collection of Baby Blues comic strips handpicked by cocreators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott, focuses on the relationship between Darryl and Wanda MacPherson--before and after parenthood turns their life upside down.A love story set in the trenches of child rearing, We Were Here First follows the account of Darryl and Wanda earning
If I'm a Stay-At-Home Mom, Why Am I Always in the Car?
—the MacPhersons are calm parental units.  Don't be too sure! In If I'm a Stay-At-Home Mom..., Rick Kirkman, If I'm a Stay-At-Home Mom, Why Am I Always in the Car?,   "Artist Kirkman and writer Scott obviously know about parenting. You can see it in every installment of the true-to-life strip they create." —Cartoon Opportunities  Darryl and Wanda MacPherson have come a long way since little Zoe was born, is not only not wrong, it's totally necessary.  Kirkman and Scott perfectly illustrate the never
Night of the Living Dad
Dad from Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott, the MacPhersons deliver humor at its family-oriented best, cherishes little Zoe for making adorable even the most exasperating childhood antics.  Artist Kirkman
It's A Boy
comic strip Baby Blues and selected by Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman, these are the definitive strips
It's A Girl
Scott and Rick Kirkman, these are the definitive strips that shaped the lives of the Baby Blues
BBXX, A special 20th anniversary hardcover Baby Blues retrospective, this is the colossal collection that Baby Blues’s 55 million-plus fans have been clamoring for.BBXX is a hefty, hardcover treasury highlighting 20 years of Baby Blues, one of the most popular comic strips in history.  A comprehensive and commemorative edition of all things Baby Blues, creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott share personal reflections and never-before-published essays, drawings, and photographs, along

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