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My Bad
My Bad, My Bad is filled with funny, genuine stories about life as--and with--a teenage boy. Taken from firsthand experience of successfully living through the teen years and now raising teenagers, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman cross the minefield of all that teenagerhood holds. From questions, curiosities, and concerns, to hormones and insecurities, key character Jeremy, girlfriend Sara, and best, .* Jerry Scott won the 2001 Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year.* Jim Borgman took home
Something Chocolate This Way Comes
Something Chocolate This Way Comes, Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott put out a very funny cartoon strip. You don't have to be a parent to enjoy this cartoon, but if you are, it hits close to home more than once. It's also nice watching the kids get older (albeit slowly) in a medium that seldom allows it's characters to age at all."If art imitates life, then art could probably use a good vacuuming, -on family humor. Creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott have a special talent for distilling the essence
Society, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's Zits chronicles many of the scenes that play out under, Drive!, From hormones to how-come-I’m-not-like-everyone-else questions and insecurities, Borgman and Scott continue to successfully tell teenage horror stories since the strips debut in newspapers in 1997. Readers and fans can find Zits in 1,600 newspapers worldwide, an achievement only 18 comic, pressures, and just plain teenage goofiness, Scott and Borgman contrast the experiences of being
Wall-To-Wall Baby Blues
Wall-To-Wall Baby Blues, "One of the best things about Baby Blues is that it follows reality so closely that you're never quite sure whether Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott are over the top or are merely excellent reporters." Oh, baby, it's Baby Blues! Just when readers thought the MacPherson world was baby-proofed, cocreators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott flip up the toilet-training lid, throw, moments from three previous Kirkman and Scott collections—Baby Blues: Unplugged, Dad to the Bone
Lust and Other Uses for Spare Hormones
Lust and Other Uses for Spare Hormones, In the spring, a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of . . . Oh, who are we kidding? When do guys NOT think about girls?Lust and Other Uses for Spare Hormones contains Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's favorite Zits strips about love. They searched their archives and found enough romance, attempted romance, and failed romance to fill the pages of this collection to the brim.Zits captures the nature of teenage boys with uncanny precision
Zits Unzipped
Zits Unzipped, The comic strip Zits has become one of the most popular strips on the comics pages today. The humorous daily life of parents Connie and Walt Duncan and the teenager they own and operate, Jeremy, are presented as an open book for all to read in Zits Unzipped. In this collection, creators Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman chronicle the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan as if there were a camera following his every confused adolescent move. He has to be dragged out of bed at noon during
Night Shift
Night Shift, * Baby Blues transcends the comics page-expertly illustrating why there are never enough napkins, sippy cups, or items crossed off the to-do list.Inside Night Shift: Baby Blues Scrapbook 23, award-winning creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott effortlessly navigate the nuances of everyday family life within the MacPherson household, where Band-Aids remain in short supply, tattling and teasing lead to time-outs, and every public outing becomes an adventure in patience.* Named
The Day Phonics Kicked In
The Day Phonics Kicked In, Named Best Comic Strip of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society, Baby Blues appears in newspapers and periodicals worldwide.With Zoe and Hammie already in elementary school and Wren crawling quickly toward toddlerhood, a lot of energy in the MacPherson house is directed toward teaching. Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott have scoured their archives for the very best of the Baby Blues school--and education-related strips to include in this retrospective. From sack
Jeremy and Mom
Jeremy and Mom, Dude! You gotta' buy this for your mom!" -Jeremy DuncanMore Jeremy and MomA popular psychologist says that teenage boys fire their mothers. It's an age when nurturing moms who've spent years cuddling, tucking, and rocking their little boys suddenly find themselves on the outside trying to see in. Most moms and sons do not make the transition gracefully. Jerry Scott and Jim, month," says Scott. Borgman adds, "If moms can stop what they're doing long enough to discover this book
Road Trip!
of the teenage years.  Creators Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman pull all of this eating, dating, driving, Road Trip!,  "[Zits] is one of the most visually innovative comic strips to come along in years. Borgman's graphic pyrotechnics are the perfect complement to Scott's carefully designed layouts."—Brian Walker, The Comics Since 1945The world is full of issues but none so pressing as those faced by a teenager. For proof, look no further than Zits, the timely teenage-focused strip that now appears

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