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The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth 2020 Wall Calendar
The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth 2020 Wall Calendar, From the ingenious mind of Rachel Ignotofsky, author and illustrator of the New York Times best-selling book, Women in Science, comes The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth 2020 Wall Calendar, an illustrated tour of the planet through art, maps, and infographics.Based on Rachel’s book, The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth, this calendar will delight and inspire science- and nature-loving readers of all ages. Each colorful monthly
How I Broke Up with My Colon
How I Broke Up with My Colon, Fascinating, bizarre, and educational true-life medical stories retold in cartoon form by the creator of the bestselling Heart and Brain book series.Mysterious illnesses. Freakish injuries. X-rays revealing something weird that got stuck in your foot. These strange but true stories are among the 24 medical tales retold in hilarious fashion by New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Nick Seluk. Featuring fascinating stories submitted by people all over
Big Nate: Payback Time!
Big Nate: Payback Time!, In this brand-new collection of the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING series Big Nate, everyone's favorite prankster takes on everything from epic snowball fights to sixth-grade crushes, with plenty of hilarious misadventures along the way.Look out, Big Nate fans—it’s payback time!In this brand-new collection of Big Nate comics, Nate develops a mysterious allergy to Mrs. Godfrey, wages epic snowball fights with Teddy and Francis, and even takes a nervous newbie under his
Stupid Texas
Stupid Texas, New York Times best-selling author Leland Gregory (Stupid History, Stupid American History) presents his 15th collection of silly, weird, shocking, amusing anecdotes highlighting stupidity by residents of the great state of Texas.New York Times best-selling author Leland Gregory is definitely messing with Texas in his book Stupid Texas.This time, Leland--who has so entertainingly highlighted humanity's stupidity in the areas of crime, business, love, politics, cruelty
Big Nate Boxed Set
Big Nate Boxed Set, This is a two-volume boxed set featuring the New York Times best-seller Big Nate collections, From the Top and Out Loud. The boxed set also includes an oversize Big Nate poster.The Big Nate Box is a two-volume boxed set featuring Andrews McMeel Publishing's New York Times bestseller Big Nate collection From the Top and Out Loud. The boxed set also includes a poster, taught high school in New York City and has created several animated pilots for Cartoon Network
Oliver's First Christmas
Oliver's First Christmas, The story of Oliver, the St. Bernard puppy's first Christmas and all of his (mis)adventures in mini AniMotion®Inside Oliver's First Christmas, Oliver, a precocious puppy, prepares to spend his first Christmas with his new family. Like most puppies, Oliver has the best of intentions, but his playful energy makes for a whole string of comic misadventures, from helping to wrap presents to decorating the Christmas tree. Oliver is one busy pup.Featuring New York Times
Floundering Fathers
Floundering Fathers, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR!We the people, in order to form a Pig-ful union, establish ruckus, ensure personal futility, provide for the Zeeba defense, promote the general pun-fare, and endure depressing proclivities of Rat and his vulgarity, do ordain and establish this . . . collection of Pearls Before Swine comics!All of your favorite misanthropic, moronic, pretentious, predatory, political characters are back—plus the Pearls gang! These all-new strips would
Unicorn of Many Hats (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 7)
Unicorn of Many Hats (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 7), "A pink, bubble-gum bonbon of a tale spun of a likable, albeit self-centered, fourth-grader and her magical, self-obsessed, although sometimes-kind, unicorn."—Kirkus Reviews Book seven in the Phoebe and Her Unicorn series!NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR!Marigold Heavenly Nostrils is no ordinary unicorn. She has Wi-Fi-enabled, and her exceptional hooved pal are back in this all-new collection of comics! Laugh alongside
Claw the System
Claw the System, From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of I Could Pee on This, Francesco Marciuliano, comes a lesson from cats in resistance. Cats are done with humans' crap. For too long they have put up with baby talk, the humiliation of holiday costumes, and the social injustice of being told, "No." They will not sleep through this anymore. We humans have woken the beast, ," "A New Dawn," and "Just What Do You Think You're Doing?" Show support for your feline friends and try
Unicorn Bowling (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 9)
Unicorn Bowling (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 9), The NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING series Phoebe and Her Unicorn is back with all-new sparkling tales of best friendship. Whether they're visiting Camp Shimmerhorn or fitting unicorn hooves for bowling shoes, Phoebe and Marigold find magic in every moment.A unicorn in bowling shoes is quite a STRIKE-ing sight. But for nine-year-old Phoebe Howell, it’s just another fun outing with her best friend, the illustrious unicorn Marigold Heavenly

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