For All You Do by Peter Mishler is a must read for teachers everywhere

Every year, May represents Mental Health Awareness Month and For All You Do by Peter Mishler is a fitting read about mindfulness and self-care. Award-winning educator and prize-winning poet Peter Mishler frames the most impactful experiences from his teaching life as straightforward, candid stories and reflections in his new book For All You Do: Self-Care and Encouragement for Teachers.

Deeply personal and strikingly emotional, For All You Do is much more than a gift book for a favorite teacher—it is self-care, affirmations, practical wisdom, and a reassuring tribute to society’s most important role models.

About the Author

Peter Mishler is an award-winning educator and poet. His first collection of poems Fludde, published in 2018, won the prestigious Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry. He is a regular contributor to Literary Hub, and has been named Teacher of the Year at schools in New York and Kansas, where he currently teaches high school and lives with his wife and two children.