Never A Dry Moment
Baby Blues Scrapbook #17
by Jerry Scott, Rick Kirkman, Rebecca Tanquery
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 4.26 x 6.26
ISBN: 9780740733048
Publication Date: 3/2/2003
Pages: 128


"Family-friendly comic strips would seem to be nonexistent these days. But there is one-the delightful Baby Blues--that kids can read and enjoy with their parents." --Virginia Parent News

"It's been a while since there has been a baby in Baby Blues, but here they go again. Darryl and Wanda, already the parents of two, are adding a third little one to the MacPherson household, and they somehow continue to stay good-humored about life amid the chaos of a household on the grow.

Never a Dry Moment is the latest collection of the phenomenally popular comic strip. In this latest collection, Zoe and Hammie watch in amazement as their mommy's pregnancy takes shape--literally. Zoe wonders if her mom's oversized belly truly is all baby or if it's also housing a whole box of pudding pops that seems to be missing. "That's a different bulge," says Wanda. "Check behind me." And Hammie and Zoe still want Wanda to play baseball with them, even if it is just to be the backstop.

Never a Dry Moment showcases Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman's uncanny ability to humorously tap the everyday joys and trials of parenting young children.

Author Bio

 Rick Kirkman's work on Baby Blues has delighted fans and wowed the cartooning world since he launched the strip with Jerry Scott in 1990. Rick lives in Phoenix, Arizona.


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