WeONLYRateDogs 2022 Wall Calendar

Featuring some of the funniest failures of the WeRateDogs community to simply submit canine photos to the popular Twitter and Instagram accounts that award dogs with spectacular ratings––always more than 10 out of 10––this wall calendar will keep you LOL-ing all year long.

After all, the premise for WeRateDogs is SO clear: they rate DOGS––not pandas, dinosaurs, or whatever photos someone sends in. Just DOGS, people––adorable, precious pups––which you definitely will not see in this delightfully comical calendar from Matt Nelson, aka king of internet dog humor.
Features Include:

  • Opens to 12-inches x 24-inches
  • Four dogs each month with adorable, funny captions!
  • Planning spread for September–December 2021
  • Generous grids for writing appointments and reminders on dates
  • Official major world holidays
  • Moon phases
  • Printed on FSC-certified paper with soy-based ink

About the Author

Matt Nelson is the creator behind two of the most treasured accounts on the internet, Twitter’s Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings) and WeRateDogs (@dog_rates). Since launching the accounts in 2015 and 2017, Matt has built a community of more than 15 million followers combined on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Find Matt on Twitter @dogfather.

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