Walter Geoffrey Undated Weekly Desk Pad Calendar

If you're a fan of Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie, you're going to want this undated weekly calendar that can be started anytime of the year. It's sleek, fresh, and equipped for a king (or queen)—just like Walter.

Perfect for any Walter Geoffrey followers (or, Wallowers in this case), frenchie fanatics and/or dog enthusiasts alike, this trendy week at-a-glance desk pad is sized to fit neatly in front of your computer, and is perfect for jotting down tasks, tracking habits/details, planning activities, and more.

  • 60 weekly undated pages
  • Spiral bound to lay flat

About the Author

Amber Martin bought Walter because “I wanted a pup I could spoil. I decided on a French Bulldog once I learned about their personalities and attitudes. When I found pictures of the most sassy little pup I had ever laid eyes on, I had to have him,” she said.

“Walt is definitely a diva,” she added. “Hard to please, he judges everyone and everything. I like to call him “Garen” (the make version of Karen) from time to time because I can’t do a single thing right a lot of ways. I swear his side eye will hit you in your soul.”

“He loves to be driven around town, loves to travel (road trips or by plane) with me, boss me around, medium-well steaks and fancy treats. When it comes to other dogs, he’s really indifferent . . . most the time he keeps to himself so he basically invented social distancing.”

“When it comes to humans he wants to make sure you see and acknowledge that he’s in your presence. I honestly feel like he thinks we are all peasants. He's the king and we're just living in his own world.” She soon realized he needed his own Instagram page—and the rest is history.

“There's something very infectious about his aura and overall personality, she said. He's truly a phenomenon in every sense.”

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