Crayola 2021 Wall Calendar

365 Color-a-Day

Enjoyed by children, respected by educators, and loved by parents for more than 100 years, there is no other brand as iconic as Crayola. Crayola 2021 Wall Calendar is an immersive calendar that gives you 365 colors to brighten your year!

As Stewards of Color, Crayola crayons have enabled generations to express themselves using all the colors of the rainbow–and then some! Each day of Crayola 2021 Wall Calendar features a different crayon-inspired color. Spanning the rainbow from Maximum Red to Red-Orange to Dandelion to Mountain Meadow to Denim to Carnation Pink to Van Dyke Brown to Purple Pizzazz–and everywhere in between and beyond, the 365 colors featured throughout this first -of-its-kind wall calendar will add color and interest to any setting.

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