Dancing Dreams
by Kate Ohrt, Kristi Valiant
Age Range: 4 to 8
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 7.300 x 8.200
ISBN: 9780740797231
Publication Date: 9/28/2010
Pages: 16

E-Book $0.00

Written by Kate Ohrt and illustrated by Kristi Valiant, Dancing Dreams employs Accord's New York Times best-selling AniMotion(tm) technology and introduces readers to dancing sensation Gracie. Gracie is a girl with her head in the clouds and a bounce in her step. From performing as a prima ballerina under the spotlight to cheerleading on the football field, Gracie imagines a number of ways to kick up her heels. Readers can envision her imaginings through Accord's AniMotion(tm) panels that reveal the secrets behind Gracie's daydreams and dance moves.

Whether Gracie imagines herself as a flamenco dancer prancing and clicking to the beat or as a hula dancer with her grass skirt flowing in a tropical breeze, the truth is that she's still Gracie--and today she's the star of her very own show.

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