You’re Smokin’ Now, Mr. Butts!

A Doonesbury Book

  This collection of Doonesbury begins with the long-awaited, never-expected marriage of Honey and Duke: hardly the social event of the season, it takes place in the American Embassy in Beijing and involves a groom who is only in it for the money—the $1 million offered by Donald Trump for the rescue of Ms. Huan, China’s “No. 1 hooligan.”

  The plot thickens…and thickens. Bad enough that eight friends are all camped out in Mike and J.J.’s living room. When even Mr. Butts starts bringing home houseguests (like his old pals Mr. Jay and Mr. Caffeine) it’s time for Mr. Doonesbury to see a psychiatrist. We meet the Divine Miss N, a pack of nicotine gum whose affair with William Bennett supplies him with 40 mgs a day. Buttsy clarifies the issue. “C’mon Billy Boy, wake up and smell the smoke! We have a drug czar who’s a drug addict.”

You’re Smokin’ Now, Mr. Butts! is primo Trudeau—provocative, inimitable, and indispensable reading.

About the Author

G. B. Trudeau has been drawing his Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip for more than forty years. In addition to cartooning, Trudeau has worked in theater, film, and television. He also has been a contributing columnist for the New York Times op-ed page and later an essayist for Time magazine. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. He lives in New York City with his wife, Jane Pauley. They have three grown children.

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