Unsupervised: A Crabgrass Comics Adventure

From classroom crushes and sibling squabbles to ill-advised bike stunts and pro wrestling capers, best friends Miles and Kevin are back for more adventures in this exciting collection of Crabgrass comics by Tauhid Bondia.

Appearing in hundreds of newspapers across the United States and with an enthusiastic online following, Tauhid Bondia’s daily comic “Crabgrass” has become an instant classic. This collection includes the highly entertaining escapades of best friends Kevin and Miles, whose curiosity and sense of mischief will be relatable to today’s kids while reminding adults of their own childhood misadventures. Join the pair as they navigate school crushes, sibling rivalries, snowball fights, and a whole series of questionable decisions that make for a hilarious and heartwarming reading experience.

Crabgrass explores the same youthful themes of friendship and adventure as Calvin and Hobbes, and the humor, warmth, and innocence will appeal to readers of bestselling middle grade series like Phoebe and Her Unicorn and Big Nate.

About the Author

Tauhid Bondia is a webcartoonist and illustrator from Kentucky. He has been creating comics online for 15 years, and loves drawing and telling stories as much as ever. His comic Crabgrass is about two best friends surviving childhood in the early 1980s, which launched in newspapers across the country in spring 2022. He previously wrote and illustrated A Problem Like Jamal, a comic about a young brother named Jamal Marcus trying to navigate life and middle school in a modern era.

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