These Are My Big Girl Pants

Poetry and Paintings on Womanhood

With vibrant ribbons of color and joyous words, These Are My Big Girl Pants depicts the complexities and nuances of being a woman in this world.

From award-winning artist Amber Vittoria comes These Are My Big Girl Pants, a collection of poetry and artwork that embraces womanhood and all of its inherent intricacies. Overarching themes of enlightenment, analysis, and independence speak to young adulthood, and adulthood in all of its many forms, as each poem and accompanying piece of art helps women face these emotional and physical changes. A celebration of femininity and the female body, These Are My Big Girl Pants leverages naïve artistic approaches, like simple line and brush strokes, against deep and meaningful poetry and prose, creating a true exploration of individuality, female empowerment, and emotion.

About the Author

Amber Vittoria is an artist and poet working in New York City. Through simple abstracted form, ribbons of color, and joyous words, her work aims to represent the nuances of womanhood.

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