The Zen of Small Things

"Everywhere, every day, small things beckon us to pause and, for a precious moment, stop the world in its tracks for the sake of a closer look at some hidden miracle." —The Zen of Small Things

Human beings are natural seekers. We want answers and meaning, and we expect to find both in "big" things. Big possessions, big organizations, big beliefs. Inevitably, we find that big, external things become a heavy weight on the soul, driving us further from a truth that can only come from within. 

In The Zen of Small Things, Spiritual teacher Stephanie JT Russell elegantly explores Zen practice in the context of everyday life. She suggests that being and understanding are readily available through the small, humble things that surround us. "This little book is an invitation to look closer," Russell writes in the introduction. "To quiet down and find yourself reflected in the details of what is there, all around you. To savor one simple thing that might touch your day with grace, calm, and joy."

Lavish photography by the author is thoughtfully paired with her words in this graceful and beautiful keepsake. Spiritual seekers and lovers of beauty and wisdom will cherish this book.

About the Author

Stephanie JT Russell practices the Zen of daily life. She lives in northern California, where she writes books, teaches spiritual work, and develops innovative strategies for culture, education, and social progress. Stephanie has taught peace building and meditation around the globe. Her prior books include Everyday Zen and One Flash of Lightning: A Samurai Path for Living the Moment.

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