The Witch’s Throne 2

The Witch's Throne Volume 2 continues the action-packed graphic novel epic that blends fantasy adventure, shonen manga, and the grand imagination of Dungeons & Dragons. Based on the hit Tapas webcomic.

Competing in the sacred tournaments was never meant to be fun.

Agni and her throne-seeker friends finally make it to the Citadel, and prepare to start battling their way through the tournament. Agni has grand visions for how she, Grom, Reksha, and Valdis will become heroes and save the world, but somehow she has missed an important detail. After meeting the other challengers, is she truly ready to do whatever it takes to win?

About the Author

Cedric Caballes is a die-hard RPG fan and the creator of the hit Tapas webcomic The Witch’s Throne. He cites his fascination with fantasy role-playing games and shonen manga as what inspires most of his artwork, which range from character designs to multiple webcomic concepts under his pen name WhatAHero. Cedric was born in the Philippines, raised in the United States, and currently lives in Maryland, daydreaming of magic, dragons, and level-up notifications whenever he’s not busy drawing or writing. You can find him doodling something on Twitter or Instagram @whatatruehero.

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