The Way Back Home

When a dark storm settled upon the earth, you lost many things—your hope, your strength, yourself. One day, in the middle of the darkness, you meet a spirit, washed from the ocean onto the shore. The spirit hands you a key. 
It is time to find the way back home. 

Returning with her newest poetry book, bestselling author Courtney Peppernell combines storytelling, poetry, and prose in a uniquely inspirational way. Filled with anecdotes, messages, and feelings from the pandemic that changed the world, The Way Back Home is a tribute to rebuilding our lives. Divided into sections that draw on themes of courage, resilience, purpose, and hope, Peppernell once again walks us through an illuminating journey of the heart, mind, and soul. 
Discover what it means to continue forward in life, despite such loss, and find the way back home.

About the Author

Courtney Peppernell is a best-selling author from Sydney, Australia, best known for her Pillow Thoughts poetry collection. The series has achieved acclaimed success worldwide, with more than a million copies sold since the initial launch in 2017. Courtney spends her days writing and working on many projects with her beloved dogs in tow. She hopes to continue exploring expression and the art of healing through stories, novels, and poetry for years to come. Stay tuned for more book releases and announcements from Courtney and her team!

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