The Threads of Fate

A Blackbirds RPG Story Collection

Explore the dark fantasy vista of Blackbirds RPG with these five spellbinding tales, narrated by Joe Manganiello.

The Threads of Fate features a series of vignettes inspired by the universe of the Blackbirds tabletop role-playing game. In a war-ravaged landscape, these foreboding characters' stories are sure to be a spine-tingling delight to fans of the game and anyone who enjoys a well-told horror story. 

About the Author

Ryan Verniere came of age during the era of Stranger Things, the 1980s, during which his parents fostered his love for art and an insatiable appetite for fantasy. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he hosts bi-weekly game nights and spends quality time with his dogs, all while constructing the SUPER BUNKER from which their gang of mutant raiders will pillage the ruins of the day-world after the "big one" hits. His credits include the Adult Swim animated series Tigtone, a gory spoof of the medieval fantasy genre, the global phenomenon League of Legends, and the MoMA (NYC) inducted sci-fi game EVE Online.

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