The Portable Doonesbury

The Portable Doonesbury chronicles the Gulf War in the distinctive Trudeau fashion. B.D. enjoys a wartime fling, and Duke and Honey open and eventually burn down Club Scud. On the homefront, J.J. is less than successful as a cabbie, B.D. and Boopsie’s wedding is interrupted by Hunka-Ra, and Mike confronts the specter of unemployment.

The Portable Doonesbury shows Trudeau, a Pulitzer Prize winner, in peak form. Everyone will delight in reliving its glory.

About the Author

G. B. Trudeau has been drawing his Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip for more than forty years. In addition to cartooning, Trudeau has worked in theater, film, and television. He also has been a contributing columnist for the New York Times op-ed page and later an essayist for Time magazine. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. He lives in New York City with his wife, Jane Pauley. They have three grown children.

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