The Legal Lampoon

A biased, unfair, and completely accurate law review from Non Sequitur

When he launched Non Sequitur a decade ago, Wiley Miller knew he didn’t want a running joke. So he took the name of his strip from the Latin phrase for "it does not follow" and created a comic that features no central character or theme, no setting or time frame, just a Twilight Zone of cartoon moments. Day after day, Non Sequitur hilariously jabs at the feats and foibles of life, skewering everyone from doctors to politicians. Wiley’s irreverent, satirical wit, combined with his superbly crafted illustrations, confirms once and for all that the universe is one big joke at humanity’s expense. In Wiley’s world, no one is a better target than lawyers. That’s why The Legal Lampoon, a collection of the cream of Non Sequitur’s legal cartoon crop, will be one of the Wiley’s most popular books. Consider the poor panhandler standing next to a signboard that reads, "Stood on principle. Won my lawsuit. Went bankrupt." Or the Master of Spin, responding to his client’s lost appeal to the parole board: "Congratulations! You’ve been held over by popular demand . . ." Or a fund-raiser who can’t get any donations until she edits her sign to read: "Donations to spay and neuter stray pets and lawyers." Throughout the pages of The Legal Lampoon, lawyers get a royal roasting. It’s a hilarious collection that will appeal to everyone who both reviles and respects lawyers. Yes, it’s true: Many lawyers let Wiley know how much they appreciate his attorney humor. It’s a book made in legal heaven.

About the Author

Wiley Miller began his career as a political cartoonist in 1976, and his incisive drawings have won him several honors, including, in 1991, the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. He moved to Iowa City, Iowa, in 1992 to devote his full-warped attention to Non Sequitur. Non Sequitur is the only cartoon to win National Cartoonists Society awards in both the comic strip and comic panel categories, and Wiley Miller is the only cartoonist to win a Reuben in his first year of syndication.

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