Fall Guys

The Unofficial Guide to Staying on Top

Learn expert tips and master all the tactics you need to come out on top (and look cool doing it) with this illustrated guide to the wildly popular game!

Fall Guys is more than just a stampede of loveable characters—it takes skill to be the last player standing, and this unofficial game guide will equip you with everything you need to get there. It breaks down all of the game’s characters, maps, obstacles, and mini-games, providing the strategies you need to up your game to the next level, face the gauntlet with confidence, and become the next battle-royale champion.

About the Author

The year was 1977, computer screens were still green and black, and a young Stéphane Pilet—better known as Stef Leflou—discovered his first video game: Pong. Fast forward through years of playing classics like Wizardry, the original Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Cart, and Stef created a video game fanzine that eventually led to him writing for Nintendo Player, Player One, Playpower, and GameBoy Advance Magazine. Today, in between rounds of Hearthstone and indie games, he explores Minecraft servers attempting (unsuccessfully) to domesticate a creeper. As rumor has it, he’s played every single game released in the last thirty years . . . but since he lives in an undisclosed location in the countryside, no one has been able to confirm.

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