The Book of Knowing and The Book of Overthinking

Dr. Know's Guide to Untangling Your Brain

A collection of the works of Dr. Know that provides a little guide to your big feelings.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Gwendoline Smith (AKA Dr. Know) provides an informative and accessible guide to understand and manage your feelings. The Book of Knowing contextualizes the basics of cognitive behavioral therapy for anyone new to these concepts. 

In The Book of Overthinking, Dr. Know expands on the topics of overthinking, ruminating, and worrying — common symptoms of anxiety. By using her clear advice and tangible examples, you'll find powerful strategies for addressing these issues in your life. 

About the Author

Gwendoline Smith is a clinical psychologist, speaker, and the author of The Book of Knowing, Depression Explained and Sharing the Load. She dispenses mental health advice online as Dr. Know. She lives in New Zealand.

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