The Boldness of Boys

Famous Men Talk About Growing Up

In 2001, author Susan Strong published her first book, The Greatness of Girls. Since that time, she has given extensive readings across the country. More often than not, audiences have asked the same question, “When are you going to do a book like this for boys?” In The Boldness of Boys, Strong takes the same winning approach to encouraging and empowering young people — that is, she solicits essays and anecdotes from famous men who share their own personal insights about growing up. The list of contributors is varied and impressive — all are trailblazers who have won success on their own terms. Among the 40 men included are Colin Powell, Jay Leno, Tony Hawk (skateboard champion), Ansel Adams, Christopher Reeve, Paul Orfalea (founder of Kinko”s), Lance Armstrong, Dave Barry, Nelson Mandela, and Senator John McCain. Chapters focus on relevant issues such as school, parents, adversity, challenges, mentors, and perseverance. Each entry includes a brief biography and is followed by a one- to two-page first-person essay. While the stories cover a broad range, the underlying message is the same: We all face challenges in life, but with persistence and courage, we can achieve our greatest dreams.

About the Author

Susan Strong has worked as an MTV writer and producer, editor of Z Magazine, and series producer of Champlin on Film. She lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and two daughters.

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