That’s Outside My Boat

Letting Go of What You Can't Control

When veteran television announcer Charlie Jones got assigned to the hinterlands of Olympic broadcasting to cover rowing, canoeing, and kayaking, he serendipitously discovered a powerful philosophy for focused living: That’s Outside My Boat. He learned that Olympic rowers never let anything outside their boat prevent them from achieving their goals. Jones, with coauthor Kim Doren, realized that the world of business – and all aspects of life – could greatly benefit when this same perspective is applied. The book uses the power of the personal example to show how focusing on what one decides is important fosters success. Bob Wright, vice chairman of General Electric; Terry Bradshaw, NFL broadcaster and TV personality; Jack Kemp, codirector of Empower America; Liz Dolan, former Nike corporate vice president; and many other business leaders apply this philosophy to their own experience in That’s Outside My Boat. It’s a powerful tool for business and life.

About the Author

 For many years Charlie Jones has been one of the most versatile broadcasters in sports. He has worked for ABC and NBC and covered the NFL for almost four decades. He has broadcast 28 different sports in 51 states and 25 foreign countries, including three Olympic Games, the first women's NCAA basketball championship, and golf on the LPGA and PGA tours including the Ryder Cup. The Pro Football Hall of Fame honored him in 1997 with the Pete Rozelle Broadcasting Excellence Award.

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