Tarot of Cocktails

45 Divine Drink Recipes

A delicious cocktail is in your future . . . . Add some magic to your next party with this witty, witchy guide to making craft cocktails at home.

Inspired by classic Tarot decks, Tarot of Cocktails lends a mystical twist to 45 delicious drink recipes. Hand-drawn illustrations based on classic Tarot cards transform key elements into their cocktail related counterparts. Swords become vanilla beans, suns become citrus wheels, and so for. Readers will find stiff sippers, boozy floats, and light summery refreshers with fun names such as Blood & Smoke, The Herbalist, The Straw Man, Princess of Moscow, The White Elephant, and The Black Night. An introduction also includes home bartending basics and tips & tricks guaranteed to enchant guests.

About the Author

A hippie kid from Kansas turned Portland-dweller, Katy Seibel is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur. Since earning her Creative Writing degree with Highest Distinction from the University of Kansas in 2008, she has worked as a professional copywriter for ad agencies and retail corporations. All the while, she has maintained a slew of hobbies and side gigs, including illustration and craft cocktail creation. An enthusiastic, self-taught home bartender with an intuitive palate, Katy set out to create a unique and beautiful cocktail collection. Inspired by her lifelong appreciation of classic tarot cards, she combined two of her favorite activities —making art and making drinks—to develop a tarot-themed recipe deck. As soon as she dove into the project, it seemed that Tarot of Cocktails was written in the stars.

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