Swimming Lessons

Nature's Mothers--Sea Lions

“Wyland is a marine life Michelangelo.” —USA Today

* Premier marine life artist Wyland–whose galleries are visited by more than five million people each year–offers a photographic tribute to the bond between mother and child.

Easily the world’s most recognizable and influential marine life artist, Wyland pairs his emotive photography of mother sea lions and their pups with a touching narrative by Steve Creech.

* Imparting a warm homage to Mom, Swimming Lessons also provides a greater lesson about the commonalities shared by all momkind. After all, who knew mother sea lions went grocery shopping and gave swimming lessons?

* Important numbers: Wyland’s mural projects can be found in 70 cities throughout four continents.

* There are more than 40 Wyland galleries worldwide.

* Notable: Wyland stars in the new Animal Planet show Wyland: A Brush with Giants.

About the Author

Wyland is the world's premier marine life artist. Through sculpture, painting, photography, and education, Wyland encourages responsible stewardship of our world's oceans and marine life. His work includes eight previous books, more than 90 Whaling Wall murals, the nonprofit Wyland Foundation, and the Wyland Ocean Challenge, an arts and science curriculum intended to get children involved in saving our water. Wyland calls Laguna Beach, Calif., home.

Author's web site: www.wyland.com/

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