Starry Night, Blurry Dreams

From popular South Korean illustrator Henn Kim comes a moving collection of graphic poetry about loneliness, love, and the surreality of everyday life.

When words aren’t enough to describe our emotions, this book offers comfort, joy, and a friend in the dark. In her spare yet powerful style, Kim navigates subjects like mental health, trauma, loneliness, and loss. Pairing exquisite, black-and-white illustrations with short, surprising captions, each page of Starry Night, Blurry Dreams inspires wonder and introspection.

About the Author

Henn Kim was born and raised in Ulsan, South Korea, where she lived until she was 18. After moving to Seoul at 19, she focused on music and art, and often designed cover art for indie bands in Seoul. She worked at a design company as a graphic designer, but decided to follow her own path as an illustrator/artist. Since then, her work has been commissioned by the BBC, Unicef, Nike, Bottega Veneta, Snapchat and TED, and has been featured in GQ, the Big Issue, Vogue and on book covers, and exhibited in Hong Kong and Korea.

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