Soul Riders

The Epic Star Stable Trilogy

An international bestselling trilogy of friendship, magic and horses inspired by the massively popular adventure game Star Stable.

Lisa Peterson is a teenage girl who is coming to terms with the tragic loss of her mother in a riding accident. Lisa swore she would never ride again, but everything changes when she moves to the island of Jorvik and meets Starshine, a mysterious steed with a blue mane. In the stable, Lisa befriends Alex, Linda, and Anne, and together they start to realize that they all have magical connections with their horses – and each other. But an ancient evil power is threatening Jorvik, and only by learning to rely on each other and harnessing their magic, will they be able to fight back against the wicked Mr. Sands and his mysterious Dark Riders.

This audio collection contains Jorvik Calling, The Legend Awakens, and Darkness Falling, all three installments in the Star Stable Soul Riders series, winner of the National Parenting Product Award. The collection contains original music from the Star Stable universe.

About the Author

Star Stable is an immersive adventure game and a social platform for girls, where they can come together and share an amazing experience full of magic, adventure, and mystery. Joining the Soul Riders in their epic quest to protect the island of Jorvik from the forces of darkness, players explore a fantastic world on horseback together with their friends. Star Stable Online is available in 14 languages and has an engaged community of players from all over the world. The game is developed by Star Stable Entertainment, a Swedish company founded in 2011. Besides the Star Stable game, they create apps, music and stories for girls of all ages. Find out more and help protect the magical island of Jorvik at

Helena Dahlgren began writing stories at the age of five and never stopped. She has a BA in English and Literature from Stockholm University, co-ran Sweden's most popular book blog for three years and now works full time as a writer and literary translator. She has written both fiction and non-fiction, mainly fantasy and horror, for young and adult readers alike. A mother of twin daughters and proud cat owner, Helena divides her time between Stockholm and a tiny village in northern Sweden. Her obsessions include books, horses, coffee, scary movies, and old TV shows from the 90's.

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