Prickly City

  As the American mainstream tilts gradually right, Prickly City takes its place as a humorous voice for the masses. Creator Scott Stantis’ first collection captures the issues and arguments of the George W. Bush political era era from the viewpoint of a little girl and a cute coyote.

  Never shy about commenting on sensitive and controversial political and social events, Prickly City is timely and humorous. This collection of the conservative strip draws from today’s political current and gives readers plenty of reasons to laugh.

  Carmen, a straightforward, sensible kid, and her unlikely best friend, Winslow the innocent coyote pup, frolic and tussle in the American Southwest while discussing hot-button issues such as condoms in schools, violent video games, gay marriage, and highly contested presidential campaigns. As Carmen might say, “We may not be correct but we will always be right.”

Prickly City creator Scott Stantis has emerged as an up-and-coming conservative social and political voice.

About the Author

Scott Stantis became the editorial cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune in August 2009. He previously held the same position at the Birmingham News since 1996. Stantis also produces a weekly editorial cartoon for USA Today. A California native, Stantis has been married for more than two decades to his college sweetheart, Janien. They have two college-age sons and live in Hoover, Alabama, where Stantis likes to read, write, paint and curse his lawn.

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