Prancer the Demon Chihuahua

Jokes, Activities, and More!

Prancer the Demon Chihuahua went viral in April 2021 when his adoption agency described him as “50% hate and 50% tremble.” But Prancer doesn’t think he’s that bad. In fact, Prancer thinks he’s worse. Get to know Prancer in this hilarious, laugh-out-loud book that's part joke book, part activity book, all fun!

Prancer isn’t exactly a good dog. He growls at the neighbors; he steals bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches; he only sleeps in cashmere sweaters; and he’ll pee wherever—and whenever—he feels like it, even if (especially if) it’s on your math homework. But that's exactly Prancer's charm. He does all of these things and he's still worthy of love.

This hilarious, meme-worthy book introduces readers to Prancer and all the ruckus he creates. The book contains jokes, puns, adorable images, and quizzes, all narrated by Prancer himself. It’s laugh-out-loud fun that’s sure to resonate with kids: an activity book chock-full of memes and humor. With adorable illustrations by Cloris Chou, this book is sure to be a favorite for every Chihuahua lover . . . or anyone who's ever been growled at by one!

About the Author

Pam Pho is a writer, literary agent, and pet parent who lives in Virginia. Pam's dog, Steven, bites.

Cloris Chou is a freelance artist, small business owner, and animal lover based in Los Angeles, California. You can find her at

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