Pocket Posh Sukendo 4

100 Puzzles

Pocket Posh® Sukendo® 4 combines a wonderfully attractive package with 100 Sukendo® puzzles in multiple sizes and difficulty levels. Sukendo combines the logic of Sudoku with the interplay of math for a fast, fresh, and pleasurable solving experience.

A sophisticated, stylish collection of Sukendo® puzzles.  Sukendo® is similar to Kenken, but faster and easier with more “gimmes” thrown in to help you get started. Sukendo® puzzles are solved by alternating between Sudoku logic and applying the arithmetic you learned in grade school.


Pocket Posh® Sukendo® 4 presents 100 mind-twisting puzzles in various grid sizes and difficulty levels. This attractive, tidy package is sized for portability and is part of our best-selling series of puzzle books that feature highly stylized, embellished covers and boast 5 million copies in print.

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