Pocket Posh Sudoku and Beyond

100 Puzzles

For the first time ever in Pocket Posh, we present an assortment of 100 Sudoku puzzles with many unique variations plus traditional Sudoku for familiarity.

Pocket Posh Sudoku and Beyond presents a 100-puzzle assortment of traditional Sudoku puzzles including Killer Sudoku, Futoshiki and Kakuro, plus exciting new puzzle variations including; Tredoku, Suko, Tatami, Stars, X’s and O’s, Shikaku and Suguru. Tredoku is a 3D Sudoku printed in 2D; Suko is similar to Killer Sudoku placing digits 1-9 in cells in such a way that the sums in overlapping quadrants add up to given numbers; in Tatami you fill the grid with the numbers 1-4 so that they appear twice in each row and column; with Stars you place two stars in each row, column, and outlined area; Noughts and Crosses—put an X or O to fill the grid; Suguru—each cell in an outlined block must contain the numbers equal to the number of cells; the same digit must not appear in neighboring cells.  In Shikaku one has to divide the grid into blocks that are either square or rectangular. Each block must contain the same amount of cells as the number it frames.

This portable package is part of a best-selling series featuring highly stylized, embellished covers and boasting 5 million copies in print. A free trial subscription to The Puzzle Society™ adds extra value.

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