Pocket Peaches

There's a mysterious new cat, Taro, in Peaches's neighborhood, and Peaches wants to be her friend! Pocket Peaches is an adorable, colorful graphic novel that is a perfect cozy tale with heartwarming laugh-out-loud moments.


Peaches and her pals Mango and Pogi all live in a cozy town called Pocketon. When a new cat, Taro, moves in, Peaches is on a mission to befriend her. The only thing is, Taro loves all things spooky and Peaches does not. Can Peaches find a way to become friends despite their differences?

Join Peaches and pals as they navigate friendships, debate over the perfect amount of frosting, and learn the value of being yourself. This full-color graphic novel is great for young readers beginning their graphic novel journey and graphic novel enthusiasts alike. It also features a Dyslexia-friendly font.

"Chock-full of charm with a lovable cast of characters. Pocket Peaches is a winner!" – Lincoln Peirce, bestselling author of Big Nate

About the Author

Dora Wang is an artist and the creator of Pocket Peaches. When she started doodling bunny comics, she had no idea that cheeky animals would take over her life. Her inspiration comes from the struggles and joys of each day. She grew up in Maine and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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