Miss Manners: On Unabashed Aging

American society has it in for growing old. Common phrases such as “Never trust anyone over 30!” and accusations such as “You make me feel old!” imply living a long life is an embarrassment. Miss Manners suggests Americans re-examine their reasoning and leave misplaced vanity at the door. She responds with wit and wisdom to “Gentle Reader” queries and anecdotes revolving around the proper way to give and receive respect in this e-book original, On Unabashed Aging.

Can one offer his or her seat on public transportation without offending? Or carry an elder’s groceries? Is first name basis acceptable for superiors? Miss Manners does not simply offer her opinion, she makes pronouncements that both instruct and provoke her readers. An advocate for proper etiquette, Miss Manners applies the principles of manners to new circumstances and newly enlightened ideas.

Avoid inadvertently offending your betters, and listen to Miss Manners as she proclaims the rules of respect humorously and judiciously.

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