Miss Manners: On Endless Texting

Miss Manners proclaims a text message to be an electronic equivalent of a Post-it note and about as “serious in nature as the hastily written note passed in class.” Gone are the days when conversing with people meant being in the same room as them, and with those days went established etiquette of communication. Can one apologize with a text message? Offer condolences? Propose marriage? Use text messages as invitations?

Helpful, humorous, and at times biting, Miss Manners, winner of the National Humanities Medal for her social discourse in the importance of and effects of etiquette in American society, gives straightforward advice on all these quandaries and more. “Being seen or heard to be texting is equally rude when in the presence of live people,” declares Miss Manners, who is not stating her opinion, but making a pronouncement.

It’s not too late for technology and civility to coexist, and in this e-book exclusive, Miss Manners leads the way with a call to texting etiquette.

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