Milk & Mocha Comics Collection

Our Little Happiness

Cozy up with a warm cup of tea and follow the sweet scenes of Milk and Mocha, from the popular webcomic @milkmochabear.

Milk and Mocha share their sweet slice-of-life moments in this new collection, including never-before-seen comics! Milk and Mocha are charming bears with opposite personalities. These uplifting comics remind us of the sweet moments we share with our friends, family, and loved ones.

About the Author

Melani Sie is an illustrator and part of the Indonesia-based artistic team Klova Studios. She is also the creator of the hugely popular webcomic Milk Mocha Bear about a duo of charming bears with opposite personalities. Milk Mocha Bear was created in 2016 and is now followed by over 1 million people on social media, putting a smile on people’s faces around the world.

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