Mary Mac’s Tea Room 75th Anniversary Cookbook

History, Hospitality, and Recipes from Atlanta's Favorite Dining Room

A special 75th anniversary edition cookbook, including 16 new pages of recipes and photographs, from Mary Mac's Tea Room, a legacy and cornerstone in the Southern dining tradition in Atlanta, Georgia.

In Mary Mac's Tea Room 75th Anniversary Cookbook, author and owner John Ferrell brings together over 125 classic recipes, including several new ones, from this venerable institution of Southern comfort food. When Mary Mac's opened in 1945, it was one of sixteen tea rooms around Atlanta, Georgia. Their original name was a misnomer as they served more than just tea, but a nicer version of the "meat and three." These meals appealed to folks who had moved to Atlanta from small towns in Georgia because they reminded them of their moms' cooking. Seventy-five years later it stands alone in carrying on the tradition of bringing great Southern cooking to everyone from blue collar workers to celebrities. The food is undeniably comforting, the atmosphere feels as familiar as your grandmother's kitchen, and the waitstaff treats every customer as if they were serving their long-lost cousin.

Now you can bring home many of the restaurant's famed recipes, along with richly illustrated photography, old menus, postcards, and artwork from its magnificent history that plays out over decades and includes founders, family, friends, employees, and most of all, loyal customers.

About the Author

John Ferrell is the current owner of Mary Mac's Tea Room. He purchased the restaurant in 1994 from Margaret Lup, who ran it for more than thirty years. He lives in Atlanta.

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